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Sundays With Jesus

Sundays With Jesus

By Robert L. Dickie

Biblical and spiritual worship is the souls longing to see the glory and the beauty of Christ. When worshippers see Christ they will have the joy of experiencing the presence of Christ. Worship is it is at its fullest and richest point when our souls are lost in the wonder of the glory and majesty of God. Much of what passes for worship today will not produce this. The shallow and superficial services that characterize this present generation are not producing true worshippers or great saints.
Sundays with Jesus, is designed to encourage you to worship God on the Lord's day. Too many people today find it easy to make excuses for not going to church. We understand because of COVID-19 and the threat of this terrible virus that stalks the land, that many people for safety and for health reasons may be prohibited from being in church on a regular basis. But all things considered equally we are to strive as much as we possibly can to be faithful in the house of the Lord and worshiping our great and mighty God. It is my prayer that Sunday's With Jesus, will bless your hearts to make Sunday not just the Lords hour but the Lords day.

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