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Predators In The Church

Predators In The Church

The Dangers of False Prophets, False Teachers, and Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
By Robert L. Dickie

This Booklet, Predators In The Church, examines the subject of false prophets and false teachers. The language Peter uses to describe the character and danger of these false prophets is so shocking that it would seem almost impossible to not be able to detect them. But this is why false prophets and teachers are so dangerous. They are gifted with a satanic ability to deceive God's people. The confusion and destruction they bring to the Church is seen by the way Jesus called them “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Just as wolves are natural enemies to sheep and devour them, so it is that these false teachers and prophets do terrible damage to the Church of Jesus Christ. Pastors or shepherds are to be on the lookout for these dangerous predators.

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Evangelical Press
Barnes And Nobel

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