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How to Behave in the House of God

How to Behave in the House of God

By Robert L. Dickie

You cannot bring God with you to church, (in this sense) unless you have first met with Him and have spent time in His presence.

We need to teach our youth and our adult congregations, once again, the importance of reverence to God, respect to the Lord’s house, and to those who preach the gospel. We need to teach them that we draw near to worship the Most High in a spirit that is not only filled with joy and praise but is also characterized by the fear of God.

We all want our churches to be filled with the glory of God. We desire that our services will be characterized by the reverent spirit of God’s presence. Let us pray that the Lord will guide His people and give each pastor wisdom in leading his church in corporate worship in such a way that will not distract from the glory of God or hinder the message of the gospel. If all I accomplish here is to cause the Lord’s people to rethink this subject, I trust it will be of some benefit to the glory of God in His church.

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"True worship always reflects reverence for God. Much modern church worship has lost godly reverence. The concern of this very relevant book is to show us that our dress and behaviour in God's house should show that we are not "conformed to this world" (Romans 12:2). If we dress down in church we may also drag the church down. This very relevant book by Pastor Dickie touches a vital nerve in contemporary church life. I urge that it be read widely and its message taken to heart."

- Maurice Roberts, former editor of Banner of Truth Magazine

and pastor of a presbyterian church

in the Free Church of Scotland Continuing

"I have read a number of books showing the errors and dangers of contemprary worship and, whilst agreeing with everything or almost everything, I have not come across a book that I believed would win over the heart. This book, written by my dear friend Bob Dickie, stands out from many other books as it carries the grace and tenderness of a pastor’s heart. It is a faithful and gracious appeal for the church to come back to God and to true worship."

- Dewi Higham, Pastor of Tabernacle Cardiff in Wales

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