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Conversations and Interviews with Vernon Higham

Conversations and Interviews with Vernon Higham

A Man Passionate About Revival Complied By Wes Quertermous

In Church history there have been other such men who have been the special gift of God to the Church and to their times. History is full of these wonderful men whose lives have burned like a torch in the darkness of the world’s spiritual night. I could mention such men and champions of the Gospel as George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, Martin Luther, C. H. Spurgeon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones and many others. In our day, such a man has been given to us as well. His name is Vernon Higham of the Tabernacle Church in Cardiff, Wales. Vernon Higham is a man sent from God as a gift to the Church; not only the Welsh Church, but the Church of Jesus Christ around the world. Vernon’s life has touched thousands upon thousands of people through his powerful preaching ministry, his writings, and through his hymns. The most famous of his hymns is Great Is The Gospel. This wonderful hymn is sung all around the world and is deeply loved by those of the Reformed faith.

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