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Have a Great 4th of July!

Have a Great 4th of July!

Tract By Robert L. Dickie

As Americans we enjoy blessings from God that the vast majority of people around the world would give anything to be able to share, as well. We have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and personal liberties that make us the envy of all the earth. Our forefathers fought wars and sacrificed their treasure and their blood to preserve these freedoms. We must never forget the terrific cost that gave us these blessings.

Early in our nation’s history, a Frenchman named Alexis de Tocqueville remarked, “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” As wonderful as this nation is, the signs of spiritual decay are already seen across our land. Although there is much to celebrate on this fourth of July, there is much to be concerned with, as well. To protect our freedoms and to ensure that we will pass on to our children the legacy our forefathers gave to us, I would invite every American to obey the instructions God gave Solomon many centuries ago.

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